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The Benefits of Tattoo Numbing Sprays Over Creams

Tattoo Numbing Sprays Over Creams


Tattoo numbing sprays are becoming increasingly popular among tattoo artists who are looking for a more effective way to reduce the pain of their clients. The Solution is a leading brand in the field, containing 5% lidocaine and .01% epinephrine. Here’s why this type of spray is better than traditional tattoo numbing creams.

More Effective Pain Relief

The main benefit of using a tattoo numbing spray over cream is that it offers better pain relief for your clients. This is because sprays offer more even coverage on the skin and can reach deeper layers, offering an overall greater amount of pain relief. Additionally, many people find that creams can cause skin irritation or itchiness, whereas this is not usually an issue with sprays.

Faster Application & Removal Times

Sprays also have the advantage of being much faster to apply and remove than creams. This means that you will be able to get on with the job faster, helping your client to relax while they wait for their session to begin due to the reduced duration time. Additionally, because sprays tend to evaporate quickly once applied, there’s no need to worry about them leaving behind any residue or staining your workspace as you work.

Safer Ingredients

One final benefit of using a tattoo numbing spray instead of a cream is that these products generally contain fewer potentially harmful ingredients than their cream counterparts. Many commercial-grade creams contain potentially toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde and parabens which can cause allergic reactions in some cases; however, most tattoo numbing sprays are made from natural ingredients such as lidocaine and are therefore safer for everyone involved.


The Solution Numbing Spray is Your Best Bet When Choosing A Tattoo Numbing Product!

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits associated with using tattoo numbing sprays instead of creams when it comes time for your next ink session. Not only do they provide more effective pain relief due to their improved ability to penetrate deeper layers of skin but they also require less time in both application and removal processes while containing fewer potentially hazardous ingredients than many traditional creams. If you haven’t already considered switching from creams to sprays for your next session, now could be the perfect time!

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